Jag ärvde en mörk skog dit jag sällan går

Year: 2021
Format: Analog/Archival

Jag ärvde en mörk skog dit jag sällan går undersöker en plats som innefattar en familj, skogsindustriell historia och en strejk-konflikt som inträffade i Ådalen år 1931. Verket består av samtida fotografi, samt arkivmaterial från familj och SvenskaLantbruksuniversitetet. Genom ingrepp i arkivmaterialet och möten mellan olika källor gestaltas en väv av plats, minne och historia i ett försök att förstå ett personligt och kollektivt arv.

Jag ärvde en mörk skog dit jag sällan går explores a location that holds a family, wood-industrial history and a strike confliict that happened in Ådalen in 1931. The work consists of contemporary photography and archival material from family and The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Through the interaction with archival material and in
the encounter between different sources, a weave of place, memory and history is created to understand a personal and collective heritage.

The Deluge and Chalk Outlines

Format: Mixed Media
Country: Sweden
Year: 2021

More info coming soon.


Year: 2020
Format: Analog/Archival
A ceremony, a memory and a specific moment in time. The white wedding dress meets a black suit in a symbiosis of black and white from my now separated parents wedding. Both the photograph and the ceremony become essential parts in understanding the meaning of an imprinted historical image of family and marriage.

Självhjälp / Self Help

Format: Silver Gelatin Print / Composite
Country: Sweden
Year: 2019
In the simplicity of 6 composite portraits, containing 4 different individuals including myself, the aim of the project is simply to start a conversation about male self-image. the project also investigates the possibilities of the self-portrait, how it can be used and what it can communicate.

En Ö / An Island

Format: Silver Gelatin Print
Country: Sweden
Year: 2018