Alpha Beta is an on going project made up of portraits. Pieces of faces, lab test-strips,

prints, scanned negatives and mistakes all make up a fragmentation in which the working process and the finished work collide. The images, of mostly young men, bear lots of similarities and become a singular normative image projected over and over again. Cut down, re-arranged and slowly bleached away the images tell stories of the people but also of portrait photography’s history. The selection, pieces and repetitiveness try to show what surrounds what we are used to see as the final image. This image is also something remediated through out art history. I am fascinated by how we see our selves in relation to what we are surrounded by. Self-image is not only the way we look at ourselves in the mirror but also how we place ourselves in the context of the world, the present and the image of others. This is something we do everyday diving into our social medias. While working with this I ask myself:

Why is my/your/our image so important?
And what happens when you start fragmenting it?