Självhjälp / Self help

6 photographs, 40x50 cm silver gelatin print

Självhjälp / Self help is a project aimed towards the image of the self. Both as an individual but also in context to the surrounding world and the self representation. It all started as a critial comment to the self help book ”12 rules of life – An antidote to chaos” by canadian author and psyhiatrist Jordan B Peterson. As the book tries to obtain the image and identity of the ”alpha male complex” I have in my work tried to turn the camera towards myself and how I see myself and my representation as a young man in todays society.

As the title suggests the images are in conversation with the phenomena of self help but also maybe a way for me to help myself talking about the rather sensitive and complex subject of manliness in connection to feminism. In the simplicity of the 6 composite portraits, containing of 4 different individuals including myself, the aim of the project is simply to start a conversation. Also in a connection to the medium of photography the project investigates the possibility of the self portrait, how it can be used and what it actually is.

Exhibited at:

Liljevalchs Vårsalong, Stockholm, 2020 

Galleri Rotor2, Valand Academy, Göteborg 2019