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Exhibited at: 
gna project, 2023
Dödsupplevelser (Death Experiences) is an exhibition that explores concepts of digital immortality and digital re-creation. With various photo-based technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, there are voices today arguing that the border between real and digital life may soon be blurred. The works in the exhibition explore the spiritual side of these technological developments. How similar ideas are found in religion and mythology, how sophisticated the technology is for this and what glitches that might occur in the process. The exhibition also shows archival material and texts from a hundred-year-old diary containing correspondence with a medium who was part of the anthroposophical circles of the time.

The images and video works shown are a mixture of material from family albums, ai-generated images and new material created in dialogue. The techniques are intertwined and photography as a medium is at the center of the various questions raised throughout the different works in the exhibition.
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